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Updated: Jan 16, 2021

I bet you had no idea, that there is actual strategy in career planning. A technique to interviewing and best approaches to networking. A craft to delivering your elevator pitch or proper ways to share weaknesses and "ugly" job stories.Learning these strategies will help you to better your job search outcomes. You will understand the importance of goal setting, and skill enhancement.

Many discouraged job seekers struggle from lack of knowledge related to the current trends required in todays competitive workforce. Not their capability or ability to perform. Creative Ambition Consulting Services, was designed to serve the community of job seekers struggling to identify their career path and to provide comprehensive information, and sharing user friendly, reliable resources.

Discover your strengths! Enjoy my blogs, download pdfs, network in our member group, attend virtual career panel sessions, webinars and more! Take full advantage of the opportunity to learn more and connect with others.

Be part of the CACS community! Join CACS Connected!


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