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What is Effective Communication?

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

The process of exchanging ideas, thoughts, knowledge, and information such that the purpose or intention is fulfilled in the best possible manner. In general, it involves two parties, the sender, and the receiver. The sender is the person initiating the communication the information and the receiver, the one who is the sender is communicating with. To simply just deliver a message is not good enough, it must match the goal of the sender. To have effective communication the receiver must understand the emotion and intentions behind the information.

Learning how to communicate effectively is necessary to thrive in EVERY phase of your career. It is an essential skill that is always a work in progress. For many, it may often require learning new skills. As technology continues to shape how we communicate with one another, it is important to learn the value and key concepts of communicating effectively and concisely. Effective communication is necessary in and out of the workplace because it allows you to clearly convey your intention and feelings through understandable messages.

Here are 4 Skills necessary to communicate effectively.

  1. Listening skills. Great communication begins with engagement. The most respectful way to engage is to listen. If you are only interested in your point of view, you are not actively listening to what others bring to the table.

  2. Empathy. Understanding the feelings of others is an important part of being an effective communicator. Empathy builds rapport between you and others, increasing your ability to communicate.

  3. Nonverbal communication skills. Being aware of your body language is an important factor in how we communicate with others. Pay attention your tone and inflections when delivering your message.

  4. Teamwork. Effective communication includes developing people skills. Find ways to building relationships. Be willing to collaborate and work with others. Developing a strong rapport with others will allow you to be able to communicate with them.

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