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Career Planning in 2022

Along with the normal challenges, many job seekers are now faced with having to use new ways to find work. Many are looking for ways to improve their job search strategies and opportunities for growth. Career development help you prepare for what employers and hiring managers are looking for in an employee. Now is a great time to get familiar with key strategies trending today. Here are a few best practices to add to your 2022 career plan. Research New Companies The way we jo

4 Ways Professional Organizations Enhance Career Growth

What is a professional organization? Professional organizations aim to govern the oversight and regulation of professional standards and practices, with the public interest in mind. Organizations that provide a venue for members to communicate and network with each other through meetings conventions and journal publications. Professional organizations strive to provide members with resources for ongoing learning opportunities and career advancement. They also add volume to yo

What is Effective Communication?

The process of exchanging ideas, thoughts, knowledge, and information such that the purpose or intention is fulfilled in the best possible manner. In general, it involves two parties, the sender, and the receiver. The sender is the person initiating the communication the information and the receiver, the one who is the sender is communicating with. To simply just deliver a message is not good enough, it must match the goal of the sender. To have effective communication the re

Hiring Practices: Managing Expectations

Employers who pride themselves as leaders recognize the importance of understanding staff needs. These companies committed to growing and developing future leaders. Today, many employees will be looking to advance where they are currently employed. The ability to have easy access new opportunities is a plus. This often makes managing the expectations a little easier during the hiring process. From teleworking to networking, career professionals have learned new ways to wor

Salary Negotiation: Knowing Your Worth

You cannot negotiate if you do not have the tools to do so. Being able to attest to deserving the salary that you are requesting starts in the very beginning of your job search. Employers are conscious of their budget and how much they are willing to invest in a position or and employee. In most cases funds are allocated for future roles in advance to hiring new candidates. Keep that in mind, if you are applying for roles that require no training, you may have more barga

Speed Networking: Preparing Yourself To Meet New People

Networking events are a great way to meet and connect with people. Speed networking is a strategy designed to accelerate business contacts. This usually occurs at planned events where individuals gather together greeting one another through a series of brief exchanges of information, over a set period of time. It is one of the most effective ways of making professional contacts allowing you to make as many connections at a time as possible. During these interactions’ parti

How To Recover From Career Anxiety

Have you recently experienced an unexpected job loss? Are you worried about your career future? Is the job search process draining you? Are you overwhelmed at work? Are you tired of your current career? You are not alone. As life gets busier, you may experience anxiety without even realizing it. Some of the worst stress is often related to your career. Finding ways to bounce back and recover is important to your health. If you can relate to this blog, then you are probab

Working From Home: How's It Going?

Are you work remotely? How’s it going? Are you finding it to be a little more than expected? Many offices remain closed due to the pandemic however, business is still being conducted remotely. From doctors’ offices to government organizations employers are taking advantage of the flexibility and work life balance this work style type offers. Although the convenience of rolling out of your bed straight over to your laptop seems effortless, there is a different type of exp

Career Optionality: Too Many Choices, Good or Bad?

Optionality it the quality of being available to be chosen but not obligatory. To have optionality you must be good at something. What do you do if your told no? Instead of feeling rejected, try thinking of a no as more of a not right now. Continue to pursue the next best steps in your career plan or create new ones. Don't be afraid to try again. Meanwhile consider what can you do to get the career freedoms you crave. Are you thinking of taking on a different position

Do You Have Career Freedom?

No matter if personal or contextual, the meaning of freedom is different to us all. In this case I am speaking in terms of "career freedom." What is career freedom? Career freedom is the ability to choose when you want to work, where you want to work, and to work doing something you love. Ask yourself, do you have career freedom? The thought of leaving the security of a 9 to 5 job is terrifying. Just because others may consider entrepreneurship as an example of career f

Quiet Confidence Speaks Very Loud

Imagine being so confident that you don't even have to say a word to for others to notice your influence. That is exactly the kind of confidence that leads to career opportunities! Quiet confidence speaks louder than those who are verbal about how confident they are in themselves. There is a certain trust that is built through quiet confidence that ensures others that the job will get done. The ability to accomplish tasks without bragging or saying too much, gains the credibi

How to Measure Progress

Goal setting is a good way to monitor and measure progress. A great career plan should include details such as indicators identified goals, required action steps and the related activities accomplished. Clear and concrete career goals make it easier to generate enough relevant, consistent, and comparable data over time, that you will find to be very helpful and grow to appreciate. Use these as the parameters to measure and manage your progress. Identify the key indicators, no

Stop, Start, Continue: How to Reset Your Motivation.

During your career journey you will encounter many obstacles. Some that may lead you to question whether it is worth investing more of your time and energy into the effort itself or if it is time to adjust the plan. Many job seekers get stuck with facing this situation as the scope of a career plan is always subject to change. Having a mental game plan together is one way to ensure that you have a strategy in place to help you push through. The process of programming your

Investing in Personal Development

The only way to achieve better results at anything is through application and effort. Look for ways to improve by exploring new goals and revisiting old ones. Developing a routine that consist of goal assessment allows you to pinpoint exactly where you are versus where you need to be on your journey. Essentially helping you to prepare for the future. Investing in personal development is part of this preparation. It allows you to keep up with current career trends, new advanc

How to Define Your Success

What is the meaning of success? To some it simply means to be well known, or famous. To others, money and wealth seems the ideal meaning of the term "successful" but what does success mean specifically to you? Many have difficulty envisioning their own success simply because they lack the ability to visualize themselves as successful. Primarily based on what they have learned over the course if their lives. Believe it or not society has predefined success throughout most

Workplace Culture: Core Values

Workplace culture is important mainly because it attracts talent. Candidates use research to evaluate the climate of an organization. There is nothing better that working for an organization that recognizes the importance of good company culture. You will be more comfortable working in a company that has a corporate culture that reflects your own personal values. Core values are the shared values of an organization. Researching companies will allow you to learn more in t

5 Career Habits That Will Make You Happier

1. Avoid comparing yourself to others. Although the human brain is designed to adapt and learn, we all do so in completely different ways. We have different beliefs and different behaviors. Everyone experiences the world in their own unique way. Consider it the same as comparing equal to different, especially when it comes to achievements. You can't compete with what you cannot compare. 2. Set attainable goals. Consider all that it is that you wish to achieve and commit t

3 Ways to Streamline your Career Plan

The year 2020 was filled with career challenges and obstacles. Many faced unexpected job loss and career changes. It proved that at any time anything could happen and brought new meaning to the term job security. For many, having to suddenly switch careers or facing unemployment was detrimental. In any case, starting over is never easy and many struggled with figuring out the next best steps to take in their job search efforts. The question of how to switch careers after

Careers on the rise in 2021

Healthcare, healthcare support, construction, and personal career industries are four of the occupational groups projected to grow over the next year. Although the healthcare industry is in the lead, there are many other industries that have proven recently to be extremely important and necessary to rebuild the economy. Therefore, they are also booming with opportunities for upcoming professionals. Here are some of the top 10 career industries on the rise in 2021. 1. Digital

Goal Setting Strategies

Break big goals down. Big goals may seem daunting at first. One way to face this head on is by breaking your big goals down in to smaller pieces. This approach allows you to generate just enough success to gain momentum and increase your confidence. This will not only encourage you but excite you in pursuing the next step. Using strategies that allow for smaller steps that can be increased at your own pace will position you to be successful in achieving bigger goals. Go w

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