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11 Tips On Adopting A Growth Mindset

Updated: May 30, 2021

Most organizations support opportunities for growth. Employers that support leadership development are always a plus. Ask your HR department what resources are available to you.

Here are 11 helpful tips to adopt a growth-mindset:

1. Acknowledge and Embrace Imperfections.

If you hide from your weaknesses, you will never overcome them.

2. See challenges as opportunities.

Embrace opportunities for self-improvement.

3. Research brain plasticity.

If the brain is not fixed your mind shouldn't be either.

4. Failing is learning experience.

Learn to learn from your mistakes.

5. You do not need approval.

Never prioritize approval! You will sacrifice your potential for growth.

6. Trust the process.

Enjoy the learning process no matter how long it takes.

7. Celebrate your growth.

Share your progress with others.

8. Constructive Criticism

Believe in the concept.

9. Make a new goal for every goal accomplished.

You never stop learning. Find ways to constantly create new goals to keep yourself stimulated.

10. Be realistic about your time and effort.

Give yourself time to learn and develop your new skill sets.

11. Your attitude speaks volumes.

You must own your growth mindset. Acknowledge yourself as someone with a growth mentality. Be proud of it and let it guide you throughout your career.


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