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5 Ways to Get Noticed by Employers

Updated: May 30, 2021

Employers will often use ones online professional platform as a resource to learn more about future candidates. Be sure to manage your online profile by keeping it current and updating your work history accordingly. There are many ways to strengthen your professional presence.

Here are 5 ways to get noticed by employers.

Maintain an active presence on LinkedIn. Engage, post, share and comment on relatable topics. Attend workshops and networking events that align with your career path or as a way to research future employers.

Keep your accomplishments fresh online and on paper. Always be sure to update your career experience on your resume and on your online professional social media site.

Brush up on your zoom and video technology skills to become knowledgeable and feel comfortable when scheduling on line interviews, meetings and conferences.

Be sure that your online presence and your face-to-face demeanor reflect your resume.

Be sure that you are able to speak to the content on your resume without any doubt.

Dress to impress! Be sure to present your best self in a polished and professional way whether it's in a virtual interview or in person.


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