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A Message From Your Career Coach: Dream Big, Work Hard!

Updated: May 30, 2021

Nothing comes easy, but through hard work and determination you can accomplish almost anything! Creating a strong career planning strategy will benefit you, years from now. You are not just creating a plan for today, but a plan for your tomorrow. Take advantage of the many available training resources. Strengthening your skills such as elevator pitches and identifying strengths and weaknesses, will prove to your advantage later as you progress up the career ladder.

Developing "people skills" and becoming more comfortable in networking with others is a great confidence booster! Career planning teaches ways to have common conversations perfect for networking or during an interview. Learning new ways to share your accomplishments and other challenging aspects of your career can result in amazing, positive outcomes! You might be surprised who can relate or may be encouraged!

A great way to strengthen your skill set is to practice! To practice these strategies, Join CACS Connected. Be part of the CACS community!

Dream BIG, Work Hard and Make it Happen!!!!

-Coach LaVonda


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