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Career Optionality: Too Many Choices, Good or Bad?

Optionality it the quality of being available to be chosen but not obligatory. To have optionality you must be good at something. What do you do if your told no? Instead of feeling rejected, try thinking of a no as more of a not right now. Continue to pursue the next best steps in your career plan or create new ones. Don't be afraid to try again. Meanwhile consider what can you do to get the career freedoms you crave.

Are you thinking of taking on a different position with your current employer? Maybe you want to leave the company altogether. Do you think of starting your own company? You might just simply desire a career change. Maybe entrepreneurship isn't for you. Entrepreneurship is not always the best career choice over traditional employment. In any case, you always put yourself in a position of being able to good career decisions for yourself.

Career optionality often works best for those that already have an idea of what is it is they want to do. If you are not yet sure of your career future, you might easily become a victim of the falsehoods of optionality. Therefore, it is important to remain marketable in your career. Maintaining an active network is a great way to ensure career optionality. Use optionality to exercise the most favorable option that will advance your goals minus the predictable knowledge that would usually allow you to make an informed decision.

When options become obstacles, they can stand in the way of acting. Don't miss out on experiences in your life wasting precious time in the process.


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