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Free Download: Helpful Job Search Tips

Updated: May 30, 2021

Do Industry Research!

Use online search engines to research current updates and happenings within your desired career field. Identify relative information such as position descriptions, average salaries, and other general requirements.

Make A Career Plan!

Asses yourself. Understand who you are. What motivates drives and excites your.

Research career paths. The task of understanding the employment landscape and what opportunities exist in in your industry. Make decisions. allow yourself to process information about yourself and what opportunities exist and formulate a plan. Act. Turn your ideas into action.

Update Resume and Cover Letter!

Consider your resume and cover letter as a working document or draft, a work in progress. Be creative in finding new and ways to share your past and present related work experiences.

Download this quick tip guide to use for future reference and add to your CACS Job Search TOOL KIT!!!

5 Helpful Tips to Prepare for your Next
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