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Goal Setting Strategies

Updated: May 30, 2021

Break big goals down.

Big goals may seem daunting at first. One way to face this head on is by breaking your big goals down in to smaller pieces. This approach allows you to generate just enough success to gain momentum and increase your confidence. This will not only encourage you but excite you in pursuing the next step. Using strategies that allow for smaller steps that can be increased at your own pace will position you to be successful in achieving bigger goals.

Go with your intuition.

Your goal does not need modification. Do not let others discourage you. Listening to the opinion of others can often have damaging effects on your ability to achieve your goal, as it is now someone else’s goal. Besides, people have a tendency to make you appear more aggressive than you are. Once you start to lack belief you may quit at the first sign of a challenge.

Find your why.

Knowing your purpose provides clarity in your life. Identify the things that you can do to make your life and the life of others better. If you are unsure of your reason, it may be difficult to develop a clear and achievable plan.

Track your progress.

Celebrate your success but then keep going! It is great to acknowledge that you are indeed making progress, but sometimes when you are so focused on the finish line, you don’t even realize just how close you actually are. Noting your progress is a great reminder to encourage you to push through to achieving successful results.


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