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How to Define Your Success

What is the meaning of success? To some it simply means to be well known, or famous. To others, money and wealth seems the ideal meaning of the term "successful" but what does success mean specifically to you?

Many have difficulty envisioning their own success simply because they lack the ability to visualize themselves as successful. Primarily based on what they have learned over the course if their lives. Believe it or not society has predefined success throughout most of your life. From an early age most of us learn what success should look like through media outlets such as television, magazines, and movies. Beginning in grade school, you are taught a notion of what success appears to be. However, as you mature and develop you will start designing a description that fits you and your life.

Success is the achievement of something you have been trying to do. It often comes in bits and pieces. It can be found in the accomplishments made along the way of a journey or experience that leads to achieving a greater goal. In my opinion, progress is success. It is personal and is better achieved at your own pace. Allowing you to be the judge of how you consider your own efforts. You know yourself better than anyone else. If you are satisfied with your accomplishments, that's all that really matters.

Here are some helpful hints to help you define your success.

- Learn to appreciate progress. Take it one step at a time.

- Acknowledge your responsibility. Create strong action steps.

- Value your own opinion more than others. Trust your instincts.

- Follow your plan. Use advice to your discretion.

- Receive it as it comes. Own it and accept it.


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