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How To Recover From Career Anxiety

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Have you recently experienced an unexpected job loss? Are you worried about your career future? Is the job search process draining you? Are you overwhelmed at work? Are you tired of your current career? You are not alone. As life gets busier, you may experience anxiety without even realizing it.

Some of the worst stress is often related to your career. Finding ways to bounce back and recover is important to your health. If you can relate to this blog, then you are probably experiencing anxiety more that you realize. Learn to find the positives in negative situations that happen in your career. Just look at it as life pushing you towards reaching your fullest potential. Which in a sense, it really is! So, don't be so hard on your self. Be at peace and trust that opportunity is on its way!

Maintain a lifestyle of building yourself up. Allow yourself things like exercising and getting enough rest will give you the energy to pursue your personal passions. Relax while focusing on your next best steps in your career. Keeping a calm sound mind will help you to mentally reinforce positive thinking. Indulging in self-care practices that promote a healthier you can also positively affect your career.

Here are a few self-care tips to help you recover from career anxiety.

Learn to relax.

Focus on self-care more often. There is nothing selfish about "me" time. Try to do something nice for yourself every day. There are many health benefits to relaxation. For those of us with demanding jobs this can be hard however it is possible and necessary.

Chill out on the caffeine.

Caffeine can sometimes intensify anxiety. Some professions require the mind to remain at attention nonstop. Employees often must remind themselves of lunch and bathroom breaks. Avoid what I like to call, "java jitter bug" syndrome. Do yourself a favor, chill on the coffee!

Rely on what's working.

Revisit the things indoor life that are going well for you. Consider the things that you are good at and continue to work on them. Become great at what you enjoy doing. Focus more on what you can control.

Let it go.

Stop thinking about it. Let it go! Concentrate on the next phase of your career journey. Past experiences are just that, the past. Take away what is most valuable to you interns of any professional attributes acquired from the role if any and find ways to carry those strengths elsewhere. Someone out there is looking for an employee just like you!


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Wow! what a powerful message. It starts with you. love it LV

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