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Industry Research Strategies

Updated: May 30, 2021

How to Use The S.W.O.T Analysis in Career Planning

Every career industry has its own quirky little ways. Using the S.W.O.T. analysis is a way to get a clear idea of the obstacles you may face within while pursuing your career goals.


Strengths: Simply list your strengths from both an internal and external perspective. Think internally, about the position to which you are applying and the areas of your career background that highlight positive results from your efforts. Then think about the external, or the hiring managers point of view. Which of those areas do you think a hiring manager would view as your strengths?

Weaknesses: Sharing truths can be difficult, but the time is now to face your internal and external weaknesses. Be honest in asking yourself what areas of your skill sets would customers point out? Review the feedback from previous performance evaluations that involve describing work habits where you may need to improve. Understanding your weakness will help you to express them in the future.

Opportunities: Look at yourself as a magnetic force in the career industry! Opportunities are EVERYWHERE! Stay prepared by adopting a "business ready" mindset that automatically clicks into motion, whenever the opportunity presents itself. Think of the external world around you. New ideas are born every day, consider career industry trends and happenings that identify with your strengths!

Threats: Lack of information is the biggest threat! Do your research. Staying on top of today’s career trends will allow you to have a heads-up company practice. You will be able to determine which strengths to emphasize when describing your skills and achievements. External threats can come from over thinking your competitors. Defy the odds. Look for ways that set you apart from others who are also seeking similar career opportunities.


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