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LinkedIn: A few Tips to Remember

Updated: May 30, 2021

Create and update your resume to reflect the skills that would best qualify you for the position you are seeking. Your professional brand should match the types of opportunities you are seeking in the next phase of your career.

See who else works there! Research and learn existing employers at companies of interest. Look at things such as tenure to see how long staff stay and hold tenure. Learn about the company's culture and sense of community.

Notice if you share any contacts in your network within the company. You may even consider asking the shared contact to be a professional reference. Use this as an opportunity to request informational interview!

Do your homework! Research job fairs and conferences, places where recruiting will be actively taking place. Register for career fairs, webinars, workshops and activities that enhance your chances of learning more or networking with others sharing similar career interest or currently employed at the companies of interest. Attending such events is highly recommended!

Review job openings! Always check for entry level positions or internship opportunities being offered. Although you may be qualified for many of the available openings, do not be ashamed to get your foot in the door first.

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