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Stop, Start, Continue: How to Reset Your Motivation.

During your career journey you will encounter many obstacles. Some that may lead you to question whether it is worth investing more of your time and energy into the effort itself or if it is time to adjust the plan. Many job seekers get stuck with facing this situation as the scope of a career plan is always subject to change. Having a mental game plan together is one way to ensure that you have a strategy in place to help you push through.

The process of programming your mind to divert instantly to the next set of doable objectives is one of the best ways to handle getting pass disappointments. The goal is to learn how to turn chaos into clarity. Create diversion strategies that force you to keep going. Tracking your progress is a great way to gauge your progress. Just in case you need a little jump to restart your motivation, here are a few steps to help you move forward.

Step 1.

Start with how you are feeling today. Right in this very moment. Be honest because your emotions play huge role in your decisions. If you are not in the best of moods, it may not be a good time to focus on new objectives. Give yourself a break from it all for a minute and focus elsewhere. Look for things that make you happy and joyful. Pay attention to your mood meter.

Step 2.

Next, identify your biggest challenges. Write them down. Think of the things that you are doing or should be doing in relation to your goals. Consider the following three categories; Stop, Start, and Continue. Categorize the challenges by associating them with the appropriate question and allow yourself time to think through the answers.



- What did not work so far?

- What should you stop doing?


- What can you do to improve your outcomes?

- What should you try next?


- What career planning strategies are working for you?

- What career planning process should you explore further?

Step 3.

Now that you have translated your inner thoughts outward, use this as an opportunity to take ownership of the action necessary. Finally, use it to reflect on your answers then synthesize what actions are necessary to move forward.

Next Best Action Steps (List them):

"The mind is just like a muscle — the more you exercise it,

the stronger it gets and the more it can expand."

-Idowu Koyenikan

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