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Virtual Interviews: 5 Best Tips and Practices

Updated: May 30, 2021

1. Get familiar with the technology

Download the app (Zoom, Hangouts, etc.) ahead of time ). Make sure you have your meeting link and access code from the employer, too. They should set everything up and provide this info. If not, ask them for it. Also test your own technology – your microphone, your webcam, etc. Make sure everything is working and looks good so you can avoid any last-minute issues that will cause stress and possibly delay your interview.

2. Set up a distraction-free area

Pick a spot that’s quiet and distraction-free. Eliminate visual distractions like items on the floor, distracting items on the wall behind you, etc.

3. Be on-time but not early

If at all possible, be exact.

4. Prepare answers to the most common questions

Don’t get so sidetracked by setting up the technology that you forget to prepare for the interview itself – mainly, how you plan to answer the top interview questions employer's ask

Anticipate the questions they’re likely to ask, practice your answers, and you’ll feel more relaxed in the interview.

5. Write down questions to ask them

Employers want to hire people who ask good questions in the job interview. This shows them that you’re excited to work for them and that you’re curious about the job.

This is true in every industry, for every type of job.


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