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Working From Home: How's It Going?

Are you work remotely? How’s it going? Are you finding it to be a little more than expected? Many offices remain closed due to the pandemic however, business is still being conducted remotely. From doctors’ offices to government organizations employers are taking advantage of the flexibility and work life balance this work style type offers. Although the convenience of rolling out of your bed straight over to your laptop seems effortless, there is a different type of expectation that comes with teleworking.

Believe it or not, working from home does not always rid you of everyday office issues. Employers have an even higher expectation that you will handle business off site. This may increase the amount of communication between you and your boss. This may cause some manager to inadvertently micromanage. If your teleworking experience turned out to be a little more that you expected, here are some ideas that might help going forward.

Be Communicative. Figure out how to communicate best with your coworkers.

Remain available so that working with you remains seamless. Especially if others depend on your work. Always be sure to be accountable for your work.

Be consistent. Keep the same energy.

Although you are at home, be sure to put the same amount of energy and effort into maintaining your work ethic. Maintain your professional integrity. People will have nothing to go by other than your quality of work. If you're a great employee in the office, it is expected that you will perform well working from home.

Be friendly. Find a resource within your company's IT team.

Knowing your employers IT practices will be a great help in making sure that you the support you need. They can help troubleshoot and asses any tech issues that you may encounter while teleworking. The IT teams know how critical it is for you to perform your job.

Be mindful. Know your colleagues.

Having a feel for the level of flexibility that normally occurs in your office will help you to manage responding to time sensitive tasks. Knowing your colleagues will help you determine how it handled when someone accidentally drops the ball.

Be Informed. Repeat policies verbatim.

Have as much knowledgeable as possible about your role and what you do, to work independently. Avoid asking coworkers work questions that you can answer yourself. Rely on your own notes and resources unless you're unsure.

To some teleworking is more difficult than going into the office because there are more distractions. I suggest creating a peaceful workspace that allows you to focus on your work. To others, teleworking is a form of career freedom. It allows some to juggle work life balance better. Being able to take control of managing your time creating a sense of responsibility and shows your commitment to get things done.


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