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Write it Down! Create a Career Plan Journal

Updated: May 30, 2021

Write it down

Journaling is a great habit and can have positive impacts when planning your career. It is a visual glimpse on paper of your thoughts, intentions and related outcomes. It is names and titles, quotes and references or whatever information that will assist you in staying on target with your plan. Allow yourself the alone time to consider or reconsider your career options and write down your thoughts.

Make Decisions

One of the biggest decisions you will ever make in life is choosing your career path. Important factors such as salary, location, time, benefits, retirement, even the future of your family are all to be taken into consideration while planning your career. There are many little things that will happen along the way that may come in handy as big references in the future. Creating a career plan journal is a great way to note those happenings and track your progress.

Manage Your Time

Use your career plan journal to manage your time. Be sure that each day you know exactly where you stand in your progress. Remember, the "T" in SMART goals stands for time-bound. If you have decided to set a one month goal, create a 30-day plan, set your start and finish dates. By writing dow your goals for each day you will begin to develop a schedule of the events required to reach your goal and the progress made each day. By writing down your intentions you are holding yourself accountable for your actions or lack-thereof.

Self Assess

Self assessing your progress will be an important practice in all aspects of your career journey. The act strengthens your confidence in recognizing what's truly working and what is not. You very own conscious will alert you as to when to change course. Always be sure to create ways to tailor your journal so that it allows you to commit to career plan.


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